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Welcome to Glogster Edu! This site is specifically for educators and students. Glogster is an innovative and interactive tool. Students and teachers can share and work collaboratively with others around the world. You can include pictures, videos, and links right within a Glog. Glogster is the perfect learning tool for helping students to express themselves. Go ahead and try it!

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Once you are registered with Glogster Edu go through our instructional videos for a quick and simple way to get started.

Part One
This video clip takes you through the begining stages of creating a Glog. You will learn how to choose a wall, add text, and how to insert graphics into your Glog.

Part Two
This video clip takes you through the second stage of creating a Glog. You will first learn how to add text to a picture. From there you will learn how to select and insert images, video, and sounds. It will also briefly discuss how to upgrade for data and drawing capabilities.

Part Three
This video clip will walk you through the final stage of creating a Glog. You will now be saving and publishing your Glog!

Examples of different Glogsters created:


An example Glog of a second grade butterfly unit.

Iowa History

An example Glog of a fourth grade unit on Iowa History.

Community Jobs

An example Glog of a second grade community unit.

Elementary Glog Examples

Other Resources:

Using Glogster

An overview of how you can use Glogster in your classroom.

Sample Glogster Rubric

This rubric comes right out of another wiki. It is a sample rubric on how you, the teacher, can grade students when using Glogster.

Glogster EDU

This is not a link to Glogster edu, but rather a website which gives you more of an in depth look at using Glogster.

This is a Prezi presentation on how to use Glogster Edu.