Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 Guru is an excellent site where Cheryl Capozzoli has gathered many resources for teachers to use. I highly recommend that you browse this wiki!

Tagxedo is a FREE Web 2.0 tool where you make visual depictions of word content, with the added feature of emphasizing important words!
Easy to use, printable, kids will love it! Here is an example of a finished tagxedo

Watch the video below to see how to EASILY make an image using Tagxedo!

Wordle Weather_Cloud.png
Wordle is similar to Tagxedo, but it makes just word clouds. You can change the fonts and the colors and the layout of the words. FREE!

Voki is a FREE program that allows you to create personal speaking avatars (computer persona.) In this case, it was used for a 5th graders "persona" as a child during colonist times. They wrote their "script" and then easily recorded it! There are a huge variety of characters to choose from, from animals to toons. Click on the play button to see/hear an actual student's Voki.

Take a picture, manipulate the mouth, record your voice, bam! You've made a blabber! In this example, the assignment was their "personal narrative," and rather than type it as a document, or read it aloud to the class, BLABBERIZE IT! Click on the play button to see an actual student's babber. FREE!!

Jing Jing.png
Jing is GREAT for creating screenshots, video of your desktop- in minutes. Great tool for making "how-to's" for either students or teachers! FREE

Pod Bean podbean.png
A FREE Web 2.0 tool for storing & managing your podcasts!

Create A Graph create_a_graph.png
a FREE and simple Web 2.0 tool where you can make 5 types of graphs!

A great way for students to "see and hear" someone from far away! FREE

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