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Wikis are an easy and user friendly way to quickly get going on the World Wide Web. You can create an online classroom environment in minutes and give many opportunities for your classes to collaborate with you, each other, and other students around the world.

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Wikipedia article on wikis

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  • An example of a wiki used in a social studies classroom. The class pages were used by students to download their assignments as well as post questions for each other or the teacher. All student comments have been removed for privacy. Carrie's WCC Social Studies Wiki

  • Click on the picture to see how a 2nd grade class in California is using a Wiki to share what they are learning with the rest of the world.

  • Click on the picture to see how two high schools used a wiki to collaborate on a project to create an alternative reconstruction of the United States at the end of the Civil War.

Other Resources:

Click here to download a sample Wiki rubric. This rubric was created by Andrew Churches and found on his blog at

Click HERE to go to a website that has many educational Wikis that you can look through for ideas of how to use them.

We focused our instruction on Wikispaces, however, there are other programs out there that offer free Wikis as well. We have provided links below to two of them.